Quick introduction of Bob and Claire

Bob and Claire are both bike touring since a few years, they are a dynamic couple that I met in Alice Springs the first time and a second time here in Kings Canyon. They used to cycle on a tandem most of the time. This time they have one bike each because the road is a bit too rough for a tandem.

Quick facts

This podcast is the longest so far and Claire and Bob are sharing their experience on the road. We are speaking about fear and how to overcome it simply, food, how to make your own bread on the road and a lot more about their travels and experiences learnt from their long travels.

Episode notes

Find Happiness-sample online:

Website: New Bohemians

On Twitter: The return of N°44

Other links to websites or products we spoke about:


Tracks: A Woman’s Solo Trek Across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback

The Songlines (To learn more about the meaning of the ancient “dreaming tracks” of the Australian Aborigines)

Website of Alice and Anthony: mundubicyclette.be

They are travelling the world on bicycles with their two young kids. One was literally born on the road. Very inspiring! There is the trailer of their movie:

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