2 days in Christchurch. Just enough to adjust my gear and feel better from that long cold and wet ride. Now, I’m feeling ready to go back on the roads!

What have I been adjusting?

  1. Camera gear: Big shift! I’ve been working with Canon 5D series (full frame format) for more than 6 years and I’m now coming back to APSC with the Fuji X-T1… The challenge was to sell all my gear in less than two days! I almost did it! I still have one lens (70-200mm F2.8L IS USM II) and it’s been my favourite by far! It’s been hard to post the camera body I’ve been using on all my adventures… I was really attached to it. But sometimes you must make hard choices for the better and after all it’s just things. So my new gear is:
    • Body: Fuji X-T1, weather sealed, APSC sensor, 16.3Mpx. It’s weight is 440g instead of the 950g of the 5D3 almost 50% less!
    • Lens 16-55mm F2.8 Eq. 24-84mm in 24×36 format. So it’s pretty much the same as my Canon 24-70mm F2.8L. Its weight is 655g instead of the 950g of the Canon 24-70 I used to have. The good point is that both lenses are 77mm so I can use my old filters on the new lens!
    • Lens 50-140mm F2.8 Eq. 76-213mm in 24×36 format. One more time pretty much the same than the one I used to have with my 5D3. This one is 995g instead of the 1490g of the Canon one.
  2. Bike: I’ve adjusted again all the handlebar, and seat to finally find, I hope a better position on the bike. I’ve bought a pair of bar ends to help me move my hands around the handlebar and avoid the most I can the numb hands effect. I will have to fix the kickstand as well.
  3. Camping: I’ve bought a sleeping bag linen so I don’t have to wash my sleeping bag every time. Just the linen.
  4. Power: I’ve bought a solar panel to be able to charge in a day my battery to power my Mac and camera.
  5. Clothes: I’ve get rid out of a lot of things! I’ve now just 3 undies, 3 pair of socks, 2 base layers, 2 basic t-shirts, 1 jumper, 3 bike shorts with inserted pads, a rain jacket, a rain pants, 1 pair of trousers.

So 2 days and big changes! I hope this will help me to be more efficient. Christchurch has been a devastated city by the 2011 earthquake. Every building is new or unsafe. There is a lot of street art and I loved ride my naked bike around the street of Christchurch especially to go to the snappers organised by Julz from Further Faster! Check this out!

Cathedrale Square

Cathedrale Square

The face of Christchurch

The face of Christchurch

Tomorrow I’m gonna go back on the road again! Two option, Coast road through Kaikoura or Molesworth muster trail from Hanmer springs to Blenheim which looks a really bad ass option!!

And most important, never forget:

Everything is going to be alright

Everything is going to be alright

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4 Responses

  1. none

    About your bike position: from my experience it seems on the photo, that your saddle is a little too far forward facing. So the weight is not compensated by your back, but it all pushes on your hands. If you put the saddle a little backwards and also put the saddle´s nose a little up, you will notice that your hands will be a little relieved. If you put down the saddle nose, it is maybe relieving for the butt but bad for your back and hands.
    Let the weight and work be on your butt and back, not on your hands.



    • Alex

      Hi, I don’t know who you are but thank you for the ressources! I’ll try it during the next few days. Today, I’ve been riding for 40km and haven’t really felt num hands… i might have find the good position… I will see that tomorrow with more km. Cheers.

  2. Arthur Machado

    Your journey is really amazing and inspirational. I am sure that during the long hours on your bike you’ve been and will continually be reflecting about the meanings of this journey for yourself and for others. Meanings that will be ever-changing, a perfect example of what matters is the journey and not the destination. Wish that this journey takes you much further than your bike can, and that you do the same to all the next lucky ones to have a beer with you along the way. See you in the future!

    • Alex

      Hi Arthur!

      Thank you for your message! That’s true, on the bike there is plenty of hours to reflect about everything… especially when there is hills to climb 🙂
      It was great meeting you in Christchurch and I wish your timelapse project will be expanded worldwide!! Bery inspiring! Unfortunately haven’t had the time to go take a pic… but I’m sure I’ll have another occasion. See you in the future!


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