AVG speed: 15.21 km/h
KM: 72.51 km
Time: 4h46
Max speed: 37.54 km/h

3 days, it’s all it took me to start be comfy on my bottom. I decided to put the backpack on the rear rack to see how it was going and I think this is the solution even if the bike is quite unstable. So heavy that my kick stand bent under the weight of the bike.

Alexandre Gendron Photography - www.ag-photo.fr

The spot where I said her goodbye for the first time

It was the last morning with Toby (Toby’s blog) as we split at the forks leading to Mt Cook Aoraki and had lunch at a place where I said goodbye to her for the first time. It was just for two weeks and after an awesome adventure up to Mueller hut where we stayed just by ourselves due to the bad weather. Everyone else must have had cancel the trip. At this spot, I unexpectedly met Nicolas! He saw me on his way to Mt Cook and made a u-turn to come say hi! Good surprise!!


Unexpected meeting with Nicolas

Toby told me that I can follow the Alps to Ocean cycle trail instead of the busy road between Lake Pukaki and lake Tekapo. This is what I did and it worth it. It’s so good to ride in silence without the noise of the cars and trucks overtaking us.

Alexandre Gendron Photography - www.ag-photo.fr

Lake Pukaki with Mt Cook in the background

On the way I found an apple tree full of ripped apples, I tried one and it was delicious, I decided to take some with me for later. That’s great what you can find along the road just by taking attention of the trees around. A bit later when I was filming a video Dom appeared on his bike. He is a teacher from England and took a year off to cycle the world. It was his second day riding in New Zealand. You can find his blog here: Dom’s blog

Alexandre Gendron Photography - www.ag-photo.fr

A nice place to make a video…

The Alp to Ocean in the way I take it is pretty much all the way uphill even if most of the time it’s almost flat, with a head wind it wasn’t that easy. The gravel road is fun to ride tho it changes from asphalt but it’s so nice to come to the silent asphalt at the end 🙂

Alexandre Gendron Photography - www.ag-photo.fr

Amazing landscape on the Alps to Ocean cycle trail

Tonight, I set the hammock again because it’s really comfy and it’s my first night alone. It’s a bit hard I have to admit. Lots of thoughts and I miss someone a lot.

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