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Originaly the Lestari Mandarok Foundation is now Ticket To the Moon Foundation. Created in 2006, a relief project had been initiated by European and Indonesian travelers in Mandorak county, on the western part of the remote Sumba island in Indonesia.

With no access to water nor electricity, the Kodi tribe from Mandarok is struggling to survive with subsistence agriculture and fishing, its main income relying on a yearly cashew harvest.

Sensitive to this endemic situation, Ticket To The Moon has teamed up with local partners to help the Kodi people improve their life condition, meanwhile preserving their ancestral culture.

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TTTM Foundation Milestone

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Giving back

For each support I receive, I give back 35% to the Ticket To The Moon Foundation. If you would like to give directly to the Foundation, you can do it by clicking here. If you are happy to support the adventure and the foundation, you can use the form below:

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