I’ve been traveling since two years with a setting who worked well for me. It allows me to hike with all my camping gear and my camera accessible anytime. A big backpack of 70 litres and the side bag ThinkTank retrospective 40. I linked them together with two carabiners to have the weight of my camera bag on my heaps rather than on my shoulders. This solution was good in that time but still big and heavy. Naturally, the more room you have the more you will carry. There is a photograph of my setting:

Photo by Matt Vonnee

Photo by Matt Vonnee

For this adventure by bicycle all around the world, I will need a backpack allowing me to go on a two days hike with the ability to access my camera gear anytime in addition to carry my camping gear. I’ve searched a lot online and discovered MindShift Gear. With their system I can access to my camera gear anytime while carrying a lot of other gear. This is the perfect product. And it turns out that MindShift gear is the sister company of ThinkTank, the brand I used for the last 7 years to carry my camera all around the world! I love this brand as they makes really good quality products that can last for a lifetime!

mindshift logo

From MindShift Gear, I will receive the 180° rotation Pro. The belt system they’ve invented is revolutionary. It allows you to have access to your gear anytime really quickly without to remove your backpack.

This is an animated picture showing their revolutionary 180° rotation belt:


I’ll write a complete review of this backpack and make a video to show you how good it is.

During my adventure this backpack will be strapped on top of the rear rack of my bike and this is where I will store my computer, camera, and tech gear. It will as well be the backpack I will take with me every time I’m leaving my bike somewhere to explore an area or work from a library or internet cafe.

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