I’m so stoked to announce you that I’m sponsored for my pix’n bike adventure by GoPro Australia/New Zealand.

Just after Christmas, I received my new camera, a GoPro Hero 4 Silver, the one with the LCD screen on the back, and trust me, this change everything! Now that you can check your video right after you took it or even better on live if you keep the gopro in your hand is just really awesome! It’s now easier to frame your shots, and to sort your videos and photos if you are running out of memory.


I had the Gopro Hero 3 Black edition before, and I can feel so many improvements in this new version. Especially the battery life even with the LCD back screen is lasting much longer than my battery on my old gopro.

As well the fact to can navigate in the menus from the LCD screen makes my life much easier than before.

To finish, you can now take photographs with the Protune activated, it’s kind of taking pictures in raw, you’ve got much more margin to adjust your photographs.

I’ve already created some cools shots and videos while canyoning in Wanaka. I’m looking forward to show you the final edit!!

Thank you Go Pro for making my action shots much easier to take while travelling the world!! And thank you Steve from Adventure Magazine NZ for the link!

Here is the first shot I took with my gopro, this is from a one man tent, impossible to take photographs like this with my DSLR!

AG-Photo-0016 AG-Photo-0016

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