First day back on the road:

AVG speed: 18 km/h
KM: 39.5 km
Time: 2h11
Max speed: 31.21 km/h

After a couple of nights in Christchurch, it’s time to go back on the road. I’ve started late, very late but I needed to finish all I’ve had to do before to hit the road again.

Behind me, a carpark very active by night.

Behind me, a carpark very active by night.

With a window of two hours of daylight and an annoying headwind, I won’t be able to go too far from the city and this is most of the time not really good. Camping next to a city is for sure the worse as there is kind of creepy people coming at anytime of the night doing I don’t know what on the car park right by my camping spot. This night was the first night I’ve been sleeping with my knife by my pillow. Every thing finally has been well and in the morning I needed a huge bowl of coffee to be fully awake.

Big bowl of coffee and sailing boat quest

Big bowl of coffee and sailing boat quest

Now, my main activity is to find a sailing boat from Picton or Nelson. From the information I get so far, it looks like the boats going out from Nelson are going straight to Cape Reinga which is not what I want. From Picton, they can go to Wellington, but will need to use their engine to go out of the bay. Hard choice.

This second day on the road was windy, a lot!

AVG speed: 16.48 km/h
KM: 96.78 km
Time: 5h52
Max speed: 65.66 km/h

All the morning was really windy and it’s like climbing hills all the time and riding at 12km/h when I could easily ride at 20 to 25… disappointing but I didn’t have other choices than to accept it. The second part of the day was way better as I could get more speed and align kms easily. In addition, I’ve been lucky to find a pear tree, my favourite fruit! I picked up 2 kgs of them then blackberries… hum delicious!!

Harvesting fresh fruits along the road...

Harvesting fresh fruits along the road…

Yes there is just one apple… it’s not my favourite fruit but one sometime is good. Those fruits are really tasty and full of juice. Loving it!! Tonight I’ve found a really nice camping spot by a river where I’ve been swimming to rinse my sweat! Without soap obviously to not pollute the river. Anyway soap is not really needed every day.

A good rinse without soap

A good rinse without soap

Campground of the night by the road... but quite enough.

Campground of the night by the road… but quite enough.

And last night was my first try with my new camera and here is a few night photographs…

The bridge I'm sleeping by.

The bridge I’m sleeping by.

The milky way right by my tent

The milky way right by my tent

Time to keep pedalling for now! Have a good day everyone!! I’m heading to Kaikoura!

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  1. Markus

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away Alex! A pear a fay maybe too! 😉 All the best, Markus


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