Distance:39.50 km
Time: 2h59
AVG speed:13.22 km/h
Max speed: 47.21 km/h

Total distance: 675.99KM

Still waking up for the sunrise without using any alarm. My sleep is becoming really weird… Every night I wake up around 3.30am for at least 1 hour then falling back asleep until 6.15am / 6.45am

Another sunrise

Another sunrise

This morning, it was the same. But I wasn’t able to move out of my sleeping bag. Too tired. Exhausted. No more energy.

Hard morning...

Hard morning…

The wind is still blowing, even stronger than the day before. It will be hard work again… I’m not looking forward to it. At least I know that I will have a shower once in Blenheim as my friend Clément will host me for two nights there.

Around 11am, after a few hours to pack really slowly all my stuffs, I decide to go back on the bike. Then go back from my camp spot to the highway where there is actually roadwork. Every worker is a bit surprised to see me coming out of nowhere… in fact I slept in just behind the road work area where they store the gravels for the new road.

I’m not pushing anymore. Just reaching 10km/h and be patient… it will arrive soon. Seddon. after 10km. I need food and water. time to refill everything! Checking at the Isite which road is the best to reach Blenheim as I have few options. Definitely the highway as the other one is a gravel road 5 km longer. Ok let’s go through the mountains again. Once on top, I stop for some food then going all the way down. I should reach easily 65km/h to 70km/h but I can just reach 30km/h with pedalling full on due to the wind…. It’s killing me!

The last 10km, were good, I knew I was there soon. And I found a Pernod Ricard vineyard where I took this photo:

Pernod Ricard - From New Zealand to France by bicycle!

Pernod Ricard – From New Zealand to France by bicycle!

Tonight it will be Fish and chips! I’ve been dreaming about it for a few days now. Thank you Clement for having been picked it up for me! Yes I’m not using any engine, I haven’t been in any car since I left Wanaka, even If my host has cars. I choose to ride my bike instead.

Next step: Finding a sailing boat!

This is the ad I made, displayed in Picton Sailing club:

Ad to find a boat

Ad to find a boat

If you know of anyone, let me know 🙂

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