Distance: 42.04 km
Time: 2h24
AVG speed:17.49 km/h
Max speed: 51.53 km/h

Total distance: 718.03KM

After a couple of nights spent in Blenheim where I stayed at Jane’s and Clément’s house, thank you very much for the good time guys and had been able to finally catch up with Richie and Keith, I’ve started to ride again all the way to Picton then Waikawa where there is a big marina full of sailing boats. I might have some chances to find a ride…

With Richie at the Speight House

With Richie at the Speight House

I’ve been contacting Waikawa sailing boat club while in Blenheim. They printed and displayed an ad for me on the notice board to help me find a ride. Thank you Heather for your help!

When I arrived to the marina around 7pm, as it was the day before Easter weekend, there was a dinner organised with all the members of the club. I came inside and as you need to know someone to can stay I’ve been introduced to Mark, the commodore of the club. He already heard about my adventure from different people. That’s a good sign. He signed me in and invited me to join him, Tony, Anna and Helen for dinner.

Waikawa bay in the morning

Waikawa bay in the morning

We’ve had really nice time speaking about my adventure, the sailing club and nautical adventures of everyone.

If I’m still here on Saturday, he offered me to go sailing together in the sounds and display a message at the radio to help me find a spot on a sailing boat. I’m so excited to go sailing again!!

I didn’t have any plans where to stay for the night but as usual, I wasn’t really worrying about it as I always find a good discreet spot to put the tent but Tony and Helen invited me to stay on their boat for the night. Taihoa is a big concrete sailing boat born in 1987 after 6 years of building time. I don’t really know if she is younger or older than me…

Tony and Helen's boat

Tony and Helen’s boat

Currently they are making the antifoul paint so the Taihoa is out of the water. Antifoul paint consists to clean the hull and remove all the seaweed and shells. It helps the boat to go smoother in the water. It’s like road cyclist shaving their legs to go faster 😉

Taihoa's propeller

Taihoa’s propeller

In exchange of the bed for last night, I offered them to help with the antifoul paint job. It’s always good to get new experiences!

Stay tuned for the news!!

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