Trip dist: 117km
Ride time: 6h42min
Avg speed: 17.44km/h
Max speed: 63.86km/h
Total distance: 1983km

The night was great! This spot by the two big water tanks was definitely a really good find. To find the best spots for camping, I usually mix maps of different kinds but the satellite one is good to see what is behind the track or the gate. Then I use wikicamps. It’s an application to find free campsite. Unfortunately it’s more made for campers with van and there is very few sites where I could put my tent. In addition, those spots are known and a lot of locals are not really friendly with it. I prefer to find a spot where I’ll be hidden and alone, it’s safer.

I started to ride around 8am and didn’t stop until 5.30pm. The sunset is now very early so no much time to ride longer. With almost 7 hours riding it’s definitely been a good day!

The land is full of hills. I don’t really mind as long as there is no wind. Well, there was wind at some stages and it’s been raining twice. I loved this rain as it removed all my sweat accumulated since the last couple of days cycling without any shower.

Tonight I’ve tried a few spots that I thought would have been good to spend the night but they didn’t work. I finally found a spot by the rails. It’s in the middle of nowhere. I still can here the cars from the highway but from very far away. I’m literally between rails and mangrove. On a hard ground full of rocks. I would really like to have a better mattress but I’m so tired that I will sleep well for sure.

The spot! Hidden from the busy road. No tags on the water tanks means I will have a good night!

The spot! Hidden from the busy road. No tags on the water tanks means I will have a good night!

Tomorrow I’ll have 20km to ride to reach Whangarei. I will meet there Jared who has a boat and who gonna sail to Australia soon. Unfortunately he doesn’t have any room for my bike and me on board but I’m sure he can help me find the good people to connect with.

Today was the first time I ride with automatic pedals. I have to say it’s weird.
I’ve never ride with automatic pedals and it looks like it makes work different muscles that are still a bit weak… In a couple of weeks I should be well.

It was a short one today but more soon!

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