It’s time to make a decision

After one and half week searching everyday for a sailing boat in Picton and Nelson, I haven’t been able to find any and everyone told me that it would be a miracle to find one at this time of the year. So I could stay here longer but it doesn’t really make sense anymore. I hoped that this weekend would be successful but the weather is actually really bad and I don’t think my chances will increase the next week. This morning, on Facebook, I saw Nadine’s post offering a cheap ticket to cross by ferry and I thought that was a sign to not waste my time longer in here.

You learn from every experience

From this experience, I’ve learned a lot about how to find (or not, in this case) a sailing boat and made many contacts in the sailing world around all New Zealand. The good point is that I haven’t find a sailing boat to cross the Cook Straight but I’ve maybe found a sailing boat or two to cross the Tasman sea.

Giving back the carbon footprint

If I have a choice to make between using an engine to cross Cook Straight (60km) or to cross Tasman sea (2130km) I definitely prefer to use one to cross Cook Straight as way shorter trip and giving back the carbon footprint to a foundation such as 1% for the planet. I’ve contacted and to know how much is my carbon footprint by crossing the Cook Straight with my bicycle.

1% for the planet

1% for the planet

To know more about CarboNZero, there is a quick video introduction:

Every experience brings opportunity

Even if I’ve had the feeling this time was a waste, I’ve been lucky to met such a great bunch of people while staying here! From  sailors, to travellers as well as business owners. Everyone put their knowledge and time to help me in the quest of a sailing boat or sharing good time and travelling anecdotes about New Zealand and beyond.

On the road again!

I’m looking forward to cycle again and to travel through the North Island that I left exactly one year and a week ago to come to Wanaka. I unfortunately won’t have much time to explore as I want to have the most time possible in Bay of Island to meet my contacts and find a spot on a sailing boat for this 2130km on the Tasman sea.

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