Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last podcast… maybe because I haven’t met a lot of bike tourers on my way. I actually met two guys from Belgium, Victor and Sam but they were fresh off the plane and just started their adventures. As we gonna have roughly the same trip from now, we decided to make the interview later.

Due to this lack of bike tourers met on my way I decided to make something different and start interviewing people wether they are bike touring or not. In this podcast , I interviewed Risky and Ade, co-founders of Journesia, a website made to inspire people to travel around Indonesia and share their stories with each others.

Listen to this podcast it’s only 30 minutes long and their is some good information if you want to start being a digital nomad or freelancer.

There is the links of the content we speak about in this podcast: 

Website: Journesia.com

Journesia Instagram account: @journesia


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