When it comes to sleep or chill out after a long ride, there is two options, tent or Hammock. They both have their pros and cons. I’ve recently tried a ticket to the moon hammock  and I have to say it was really comfortable!! I started to think about it as an option to spend the night especially in tropical areas.

When visiting Ticket To The Moon’s website, I realised that they are an awesome company! They define it as a tribe and they are running a foundation to help Kodi People on Sumba island in Indonesia. It’s perfect as I was struggling to find a foundation to raise money for and who actually have meaning for me. TTTM foundation is definitely a human sized foundation with concrete actions.

As you can see, you can use hammocks everywhere!!


I’m happy to be on board with Ticket To The Moon and will give 35% of all my support to the TTTM foundation helping the Kodi people in the development of their infrastructure and everyday life.

If you want more informations just visit this page.

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