AVG speed: 18.06 km/h
KM: 86.34 km
Time: 4h46
Max speed: 72.13 km/h

Since I left and with the long distances rides, I’m feeling numb hands, and got sore tendons especially on the left foot. If I keep riding like this I won’t obviously see any changes. I decided then to start adjust everything and check how it makes a difference. First, I adjusted the height of the seat it worked for a moment but the same problems appeared again. I modified pretty much everything, the handlebar, the seat, the shifters, the brakes…. I’ll find the good setup soon I’m confident 🙂

On Burkes pass, I’ve been harvesting some plums, actually a full bag of them. It’s good to ride slow in hills so I can spot the fruits on the side of the road. Plums are easy to pickup, delicious to eat when the ride is getting hard at the end of the day and an extra power is needed. I’ve now a lot of free fruits on the back of my bike. That’s the good life! As well, I’ve been hitting the top speed of 72km/h today while going down from Burkes Pass it was great! Lot of relief after the hard work to pedal up!! I think that I love passes, it’s hard to reach the top and going so slow but every time after the top you can just get 10 to 30km in no time and no efforts in the slope. It’s like the yin and the yang 🙂

The campground I’ve found for the night is actually full of sandflies… but I realised it when it was too late. I’ve packed out everything a bit too quickly… and I’m too lazy to pack again and ride some more km. I started to set up the hammock but had to set up the tent as well to be able to eat without being bitten by those zombies. I will finally spend the night in tent and packup the hammock and cover the bike under the Ticket to the moon tarp. Good decision as it started to rain during the night.

The rain haven’t stopped for all the night. What will be tomorrow?

Sorry not very much pics today… Focused on the ride.

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