Top Speed: 61.64kmh
AVG speed: 16.32
KM: 75.59km

Second day and first pass. Not the easiest in addition. This morning was so sold that I thought I’m gonna lost my fingers. I’ve forget my gloves at home so Toby lend me his ones. It saves me. After this day, I’m sore everywhere especially my butt… and my left tendon. I have had to stop many times to massage it with some arnica cream. As the effect is not strong enough, I applied tiger balm… Maybe a bit better but still very sore. I will see tomorrow how I feel.

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Toby’s tent at sunrise

Alexandre Gendron Photography -

Cold morning but stunning sunrise!

Before to meet me yesterday, Toby hasn’t met anyone during a week then today we met 5 or 6 others bike tourers around Lindis pass. It’s great to see that we are not alone riding by bike. Yes, ok, NZ is maybe the most famous place in the world to travel this way.

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Good bye central Otago! I will miss you!

At some stages, especially while climbing Lindis Pass I asked myself what I was doing here? It’s just the second day and I will have to get used to tough pass later especially in Tibet but this one on the second day was a real challenge.


Lindis summit!! yeah!!!

I wanted to make a special photography today. One year ago at 2 weeks difference I took a picture of a guy riding his bicycle to Lindis Pass just by the summit. Today I took the same with me instead! I used my tripod and my wireless remote. I will show you how it works in a future post.


One year ago – unknown rider

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Today – me

Tonight I set the hammock! It will be my first night in it. I’ll tell you my thoughts tomorrow! But one sure thing, it’s really comfy!

Alexandre Gendron Photography -

Good night! I need a rest.

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