Day 1 – Started at 3.30pm from 98 Mt Iron Drive in Wanaka.

AVG speed: 16.61 km/h
KM: 44.61 km
Time: 4h09
Max speed: 59.31 km/h

First of all, it was very difficult to leave. I was a bit anxious since a few days about this day, this time. Leaving Iva, my friends, Wanaka where I lived for a year. When I planned this adventure a year ago, I didn’t expect it to be that difficult to leave because this adventure is going to be the most exciting experience of my life! But life is a challenge and every time I planned a big shift in my life, it impacts so many people and myself included.

So, to not think about it, I’ve had to keep myself busy as much as I could. The good point is that none of my bags are packed yet. It will keep me busy all the morning. I packed everything, been visiting Zeph from Cognitive cycle to order the last parts and make them delivered on the way a last shopping to have something to eat on the road then back home to put all the bags on the bike.

I planned to start at 3pm, I will finally start at 3.30pm. It is the first time I’m riding a touring bike fully loaded. Maybe too much… I can’t even lift the back of bike and as I’m pedalling, I can feel the frame bending and shaking… I should definitely think about to travel lighter… I will manage this on the road.

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My goal was to reach 40km today as I cycled just half a day so for a full day my target of 80km would be realistic. I cycled 44.6km and found a really good spot to set the tent.

As I was setting my camp, someone came to me, I realised that he was cyclo touring as well. I met Tobby a German guy cycling in NZ during his gap year since November. He asked me he could set his tent there as well and I obviously agreed. We’ve had dinner together and I start to learn some tricks about bike touring. For example put your harddrive in your clothes so the shocks are absorbed and it is safe. His one broke after two weeks cyling. Good thing to know!!

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I wanted to try the hammock but tonight no trees so I will sleep in tent.

I note that my bum muscles are quite sore and I’m realising while writing this article that I didn’t do any stretching… tomorrow will be hard especially with Lindis pass to climb!

This was my first day on the bike. I’m happy to start this new adventure!

For now i will wish you a good night!

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