Arrived in Padangbai at night and welcomed by armed AK47 guards, I found a cheap hotel to rest. My legs are still very sore from Rinjani and I can barely walk. Each step is really painful. I decide to rest for a day here before to head to Ubud. I’ve already been in Padangbai seven years ago with my friend Vince. I have some memories of the place but I think that a lot has changed since then.

21/10/2016 – From Padang Bai to Ubud
Distance: 41.67km
Time: 3h03
Total distance: 8239km

Arrived in Ubud!

Arrived in Ubud!

I contacted Chet on Warmshower. He is living in Ubud with his wife Trudy. They are from the USA but they live in UBUD since 7  years now.  He replied to me pretty quickly. They are around and have a bedroom for me. Awesome. I cycled to Ubud and met Chet at a restaurant. We had a drink then headed to his house. Right in the middle of Ubud. They prepared me a room with a huge double bed, A/C (luxury!!) and down pillows (awesome ones). At the same time were staying Sam and Victor from Belgium. They are bike tourers as well their trip is to cycle from Bali to Brussels and I think that we gonna meet again on our travels as we have pretty much the same route planned… even if plans… you know what I think about it.

With Chet, Trudy, Victor and Sam!

With Chet, Trudy, Victor and Sam!

I stayed a bit longer than expected in Ubud. During this time I visited the town with Sam and Victor. Check out their blog just here by the way. We as well learned to fly Trudy’s drone. Heaps of fun! I’ve dropped my wheel to a local bike shop so they can redo it all as my spokes where breaking all the time one after another. They did it in 1 hour and it cost me the equivalent of 4€. In addition, I bought a touring tyre for 15€ a Maxxis Overdrive Excel. I will see how it goes.

Drone time! First flights! It's very addictive!

Drone time! First flights! It’s very addictive!

25/10/2016 – From Ubud to Canggu
Distance: 32.1km
Time: 1h51
Total distance: 8271km

Chet crossing a bridge

Chet crossing a bridge

I finally stayed in Ubud 4 days. It was perfect to feel better and get back on the road. When I left, Chet came cycling with me all the way to Canggu. He showed me some really cool little secret back trails in between rice fields and along rivers. It was great! WE had a drink, a meal and he started to cycle back to Ubud.

Rooster fight arena, it's illegal but there is plenty everywhere.

Rooster fight arena, it’s illegal but there is plenty everywhere.

Nice sceneries cycling Bali's outback

Nice sceneries cycling Bali’s outback


Now, I need to find a place where to stay for a couple of days the time to surf and meet Ticket To The Moon hammocks! (See the blog post about my visit at TTTM just here) I found it in Canggu Surf Hostel. It’s cheap and people are great there.

TTTM Factory

TTTM Factory

Ticket To The Moon headquarter team

Ticket To The Moon headquarter team

First day, I just relaxed in the swimming pool. Second day, I met Joe, from Switzerland. We went surfing together. After 4 hours I was done totally. It’s been a while and my shoulders became weak to not practice anything for that long. I got some good waves and that’s the most important!

The day after, I needed to work on websites so I spent almost all day on my computer. Went for a massage. It was a bad idea. My muscles were still very painfull from Rinjani and cycling and the deep tissues were very painful. The day after work again in the morning then surf was planned in the afternoon. But Joe taught me how to play chess and it’s pretty addictive…. We ended up spending the whole afternoon playing together.

The next morning I decided to go back on the road.

28/10/2016 – From Canggu to a fisherman village
Distance: 109.56km
Time: 6h40
Total distance: 8380km

Bali is divided in two parts really. I didn’t realise it before I went on this ride, I though that it was just a big island overcrowded with tourists but the more i’m cycling on the west part of Bali, the less foreigners I can see. All the Buddhist temple are replaced by mosques, it’s funny to see the difference from a religion to another. The famous babi gullik (braised pork) is replaced by beef.

The ferries are never stopping they depart all day and night every hour. I could keep cycling the last 20km to reach the ferry but it’s dark at night and I don’t have good enough lights for my bike. I decided to go exploring the beach and try finding some trees to hang the hammock.

Good night sleeping in the hammock by a fisherman's village

Good night sleeping in the hammock by a fisherman’s village

Usually I try to get hidden but here it’s not possible. Dogs can feel me and never stop to bark. I think I will just sleep and they might stop at some time… I met a few fishermen who asked me a few questions, they can’t see the bicycle as it is night time. It’s funny how the questions are different when people can see I’m travelling by bicycle or not.

28/10/2016 – From the fisherman village to Java island
Distance: 38.32km
Time: 2h30
Total distance: 8419km

The night was perfect. Early in the morning, 4.30am when the sun is already lighting the air, I met a few ladies wandering on the beach picking up some wood.

I don’t really know why as it is so worm here. Maybe to burn their trashes…

I took the ferry for a short 30 minutes trip then back on the bicycle to place near Ijen volcano.

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