06/09/2016 – Back on the road
Dist. : 137.12km
Time: 6h49
Tot. Dist : 7482km

This morning I started early to avoid the heat again. I left the hostel by 5:30am. Trevor a guy with a truck filled with 1 meter long pipes pulled over and offered me a coca cola. It’s great and refreshing. I have 10 more km to reach the place where I plan to have my mid day break. He told me that he used to cycle through Australia as well. Then I asked him about his pipes. It’s for crocodiles. He is on his way to Darwin to pickup some crocodiles, 750 of them. They are still babies and he will relocate them into another crocodile farm where they will grow them to finally make bags out of them. I didn’t know that farms are growing crocodile to create leather bags.

Two spokes broken...

Two spokes broken…

After a long break, I start again to cycle until the sunset to find a spot in the bush for the night.
07/09/2016 – starting the day with a bush fire
Dist. : 122.48km
Time: 6h17
Tot. Dist : 7604.km

It’s 4:30am and I woke up even before my alarm started. At 5am I was on the road. After cycling 2km, a huge light was surrounding me.  A bush fire. A big one! If I had started a few hours later I would have woke up with the fire around my tent. As I’m cycling I realise that the fire already burnt everything on a stretch of 3 km. It’s sometimes hard to breath as the smoke is everywhere.

Good morning! It's bush fire!

Good morning! It’s bush fire!

Around 9am I saw two bike tourer coming towards me on the opposite line. I stopped to say hi. They are from China and doesn’t speak a single word of english.  I think I understood they are going to Sydney but not sure. We took some photographs. As I was staying exactly where one of them wanted me to stay, his friend started to take photographs of us. I don’t really know what happened but they started to have a huge argument on how to take the photographs correctly. I just laugh so much as I didn’t understand anything they were saying to each other that it make them realise I was still there.

Those two guys are badass!

Those two guys are badass!

Look at the bike! That's awesome!

Look at the bike! That’s awesome!

Proud! does any one know what it means?

Proud! does any one know what it means?

Once I reached Adelaide river, I found free showers. It’s perfect! I had a nap then under a big tree where the air is fresher then started again to pedal to reach the closest free camp site before Darwin.  This will be my last night in the Australian bush.

Last night in the Australian bush

Last night in the Australian bush

08/09/2016 – worst night ever
Dist. : 70.18km
Time: 3h40
Tot. Dist : 7675km

I thought this place was going to be good for my last night in the bush. I was wrong. As soon as I jump in my hammock, clouds of mosquitoes and sandflies came to bite me. Even with the mosquito net on… I was in bed at 7:30pm and at 2am I still was not sleeping. I decided to pack up the hammock, put up the tent, I was so itchy that I took 4 tablets of pain killer to be able to sleep.

In the morning I was so tired but I needed to cycle the last 70km before the sun was too hot. It was hard but I made it all the way to Nightcliff by 11am! I finished Australia! I can’t realise it yet. I’m hosted by Terry and Gabby. They are an amazing couple, Terry is into running a lot!

First night, Mindil market! Great place!

First night, Mindil market! Great place!

I will discover the town and try to find a boat asap!

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2 Responses

  1. Gabrielle

    It was a pleasure having you stay with us in Darwin Alex. All the best as your journey continues to unravel. We’ll be following you now and we look forward to a time one day in the future we can’t know about yet, when we share a meal again.

    • Alex

      Thank you so much Gaby it was such a great time staying with you. Your house is full of life and that’s so nice to meet everyone! Looking forward to share a meal again with all of you! I’m leaving on Monday tho.


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