This morning I’ve been checking again at Waikawa Marina if they knew of any sailing boats living to the North Island and everyone, has been clear, there is no chances to find a sailing boat crossing in between Picton and North Island at this time of the year. At Vining they even told me that my chances on a scale from 1 to 10 are zero. It’s a bit hard to keep going looking for a sailing boat in those conditions but the good point is that everyone knows me now and if they hear about one, I hope they will link me up.

Even at the campground where I stayed last night the receptionist heard about the adventure and already knew my name.

I decided to extend my search to all the Island. Using forums and sending emails to all the boats club in Nelson bay as well.

Luckily I’ve got some contacts helping me to keep hope such as Greg from Wanaka that I unfortunately never met before. He is linking me to some people he think could help me. Thanks to him, I’ve been contacting Milo from He was super keen when he heard about my story and the challenge and would have take me up to the north island but unfortunately he got plenty of work with his company here.

I won’t give up so early that’s for sure. Some news are pulling me down but fortunately there is still a few people making me hope about finding THE sailing boat. I just hope for now that it won’t take too long as I don’t want to miss the sailing boats going to Australia from the top of North Island on the 1st of May.

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