A mistake that I won’t make anymore

Last Saturday, I’ve met Dan on his boat and he told me that he was ok to give me a lift on Monday when he would head back to Wellington. Since that, I stopped looking for another boat as he looked quite trustable. However, it looks like I’ve made a mistake because Dan never contacted me neither showed up this morning when we were supposed to meet each other. I should not have stop my research so early and being assured to have at least two sailing boats. And I knew there was another one going back to Wellington this weekend.

I’ve been checking at the marina, they called him but no answer and they told me there is no sailing boat planned to cross the cook straight for now. So now, easter weekend is over and I’m stuck here until I find a sailing boat or until I choose to take the ferry.

How to make a choice?

If I have to make a choice:

Keep looking


  • It’s part of the adventure
  • It’s teaching me patience and perseverance


  • Spending money in camping
  • Loosing time to find a boat on the north island

Taking the ferry


  • Saving time to find a boat on north island
  • Shortest crossing I’ll have to make


  • Giving up too quickly
  • Starting the challenge with a fail… no way for now


This is for me a big dilemma. I think I will wait until next weekend to find a sailing boat here and then if I didn’t find any, I will just book the ferry as I can’t wait longer due to the sailing boat I will have to find in the North Island. I heard from Greg, a friend of a friend that on the 1st of May there is a lot of boats leaving bay of Islands and heading north to OZ…

Tomorrow, I will contact again everyone:

  • Marina of Waipawa
  • Marina of Picton
  • Vining Boat Broker
  • Safety marine radio
  • Drop ads around town as I will be able to print at the library.

This is all I can do for now but I’m far to give up and seriously… It wold have been to easy to find the one after just three days here…

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