Trip dist: 9.35km
Riding time: 40min (I’ve been walking by the bike in town a lot)
Avg speed: 14km/h
Max speed: 28.74km/h

My plan today, is to find a sailing boat. It’s my last chance to find one before the end of the long weekend. I’ve been chatting with Tony and Helen about the different option and they told me to go to see Vining boat broker, as they might know all the deliveries in the area. If someone is buying a boat in Picton and they want it delivered in Wellington it would be my chance. I’ve been to Vining boat broker, and a very nice person received me and let me know that I missed a ride last morning… Bummer. They don’t know anyone going back to Wellington at this time of the year but he took my details just in case. He told me as well to go to the marina office as they might know someone. It was just next-door so I’ve been there straight after.

View from Picton to the sounds

View from Picton to the sounds

At the Marina office, they already heard about my adventure and after a quick chat, they looked at the bookings and found out that a sailing boat is actually booked for a night in Picton and they might go back to Wellington at the end of the weekend.

They gave me the owner’s name and the spot where it is parked.

I started to ride my bike for the 5km between Waikawa and Picton, found the “stolen” boat, yes it’s its name, and met Dan, the owner and his partner. They are really friendly and told me depending on the weather they might go back on Monday morning to Wellington. I warned him that I have a bike with me and he replied that we will find the room to put it aboard.

NZ Peace, Perfect peace.

NZ Peace, Perfect peace.

I then booked a campground in town, setup my tent, put all my panniers inside and went for a quick ride around Picton that is a really nice little town! I especially love the layers of the sounds as a background.

Picton bay with the sounds in the background.

Picton bay with the sounds in the background.

Later today, Mark, Waikawa sailing club’s commodore called me and told me that he met Dan who told him that we’ve already met in the morning and he is happy to give me a ride across. That’s funny the world is small and well organised 😉 Mark wished me good luck on my travels and told me that he is going to follow my adventure online.

It could have been a great adventure... but no engine for this adventure!

It could have been a great adventure… but no engine for this adventure!

I thank you everyone again who helped me in my quest of a sailing boat to cross between the two islands of Aotearoa. You have welcome me as a friend since the beginning and I’m really grateful for this.

Thank you Mark, Tony, Helen, Vining brokers, Waikawa Marina office (Dave and, … indeed I never knew your name but you will recognise yourself, blonde girl speaking French 😉 ) and Dan.

One sure thing, I’m looking forward to hear the story behind the name of the “Stolen” boat!

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