The hostel in addition to be creepy was really noisy, Just in a corner between two busy streets. This noise reminded me my flat in Paris. Indeed, it’s the first time I slept right in the middle of a big city since I left Paris two years ago. The sleep there was not the best of my life, you can imagine that 16 people in the same dorm with different planning is not the best way to spend a quiet night.

It was easy to leave early. I’ve been looking for a buckle for my helmet as I lost one part of it but after visiting a few bike shops and fabrics stores, I realised that it was not easy and decided to create my own Mac Gyver system. It’s working well so I will keep going like this until I can find a good-sized buckle.

After all those research, I finally left Windy Welly around 10.30am to start with a big hill to climb in addition to be on the highway. Yes, in New Zealand and Australia, bikes are allowed to ride the emergency shoulder on the highway. The first time I saw a bike on the Highway when I arrived in Australia I’ve been really surprised.

I cycled all day with a few stops when my hands where numbs and for lunch. I was lazy to cook and go shopping. I decided to go for a fresh fish and chips for $8. As Javier told me, it’s often cheaper to eat in cheap restaurant or snacks take away then to buy your food and take the time to cook it. I want to try for a few days to see if it’s really less expansive. But I already know that it’s definitely quicker.

So my target was Levin or Ohau just before to find a camp spot to pitch the tent but with no luck I kept going until I find one. Finally, after a bit more than 10km out of Levin I found I place with Pine trees just by the road and it’s the first place where there is no fence to access it. It’s getting dark and it’s my best option for now. I will spend the night here.

The highway sitting down the hill where I setup the camp is the main one to go north from Wellington to New Plymouth area and is really noisy. As I am tired I will sleep well anyway.

And yes! By the way, I reached the first 1000km!! It’s what my bike computer says. If you calculate with the precedent reports it’s a big gap but I never reported the distances of the rides when I was in Christchurch neither Picton.

My target for now is Raglan. It’s a little surf town where there is the longest left wave in the world, I’ve never had a chance yet to visit this place and if I have the time, I plan to make a little detour for 3 days to have a chance to surf it and take a few shots of the sunset over the Tasman Sea. From where I am tonight, Raglan is still at 469km north. I plan to be there in around 5 days. Can’t wait to discover this place!!

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